NetOtt To Ground Control, From The Sky To You!

Satellite-based services allow access to online content wherever you're heading, in areas where traditional networking may not be available. Here at NetOtt, we are actively exploring current and upcoming satellite services that work best for maritime uses.

Global Communications

Progress is underway to incorporate reliable off-grid data connectivity solutions into NetOtt developments. Utilizing the Iridium® constellation, connectivity is made available anywhere across the globe!

Click here to visit the NetOtt Satellite homepage for a list of optimized light-weight sites.

Service for pilot testing initiatives provided by PIVOTEL, BLUECOSMO, and GLOBALSAT GROUP.

"Iridium" is a registered trademark of Iridium Communications Inc.

Satellite Radio

Servicing of SiriusXM® hardware and consulting of available plans to get the most out of the service are now available as part of a support pilot.

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